Mass Customization 4.0

The MC 4.0 PROJECT improves the innovation base of SMART LIVING SMEs to face the new challenges of the competition and of the INDUSTRY 4.0 in the program area. Local bases created to increase their ability to meet the specific needs of individual customers at affordable costs (MC – Mass Customization) through digitized personalization processes (4.0), which the customer closer to the production chain of SMEs, lowering costs, speeding up the times and ensuring the quality of the product. The digitization of the customization process goes th increasingly high-performance product configuration tools – PRODUCT CONFIGURATORS – which perform the strategic function of directly connecting customers with the company’s back office. To achieve these results, more than 120 Italian and Austrian SMEs are directly involved, and it is established a partnership which represents scientific and technological knowledge (Università degli Studi di Padova – Department of Management and Engineering, Free University of Bozen, Universität Klagenfurt), needs of SMEs (Apindustria Confimi Vicenza, Fondazione Centro Produttività Veneto, Energieforum Kärnten) and industrial realities (Roen Est SpA, SelectionArts Intelligent Decision Technologies GmbH).

The partners:
– develop MC 4.0 ASSESSMENT & GUIDING TOOLS specific for SMEs;
– design and launch the MC 4.0 DEA CENTERS (DEveleopment and Application Centers), which bring the MC 4.0 in individual SMEs;
– structure and animate CLUSTERS of SMEs interested in MC 4.0;
– launch and sustain the MC 4.0 PLATFORM with services for MC 4.0, including B2C;
– establish sustainable cross-border NETWORK of MC 4.0 COMPETENCES for SMEs.